Product Validation and Goal Setting

Product validation is day 3's topic. It's critical to success, but hard to do. A 30 day challenge doesn't leave much time when you're starting from scratch like me. I am really struggling, but still moving forward...trying to blaze my own path, though.

In day 4, we cover clarifying our product's purpose and setting an initial sales (and/or e-mail list) goal.

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Day 1: Narrowing My Niche and Creating a Customer Avatar

I have to be honest. When I read ConvertKit’s Day 1 material, I wasn’t too impressed.

There wasn’t anything here I hadn’t seen before.

But I decided to go through it anyway because thinking through these basics when starting a new project is never a bad idea. Plus, some of you have told me one of the biggest reasons you joined this experiment was because you feel alone and you wanted to see how someone else went through the process.

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