Deciding Which Digital Product to Sell

Deciding Which Digital Product to Sell

Welcome to Day 2 of the ConvertKit Product Creation Masterclass Experiment!

​Today’s content was a little more easily digestible than yesterday’s, so I was able to make my decisions and get this post written all in the same day.

​If you’re following along with the e-mails, you know today’s lesson was about choosing which type of digital product to make. ConvertKit is primarily concerned with eBooks and digital courses, but they also discussed several other options like tutorials, themes and templates, photography, printables, membership sites, and apps.

which digital product

But as I said, they’re focusing on eBooks and digital courses because that’s where most online entrepreneurs seem to start and because their target market is bloggers, who – almost exclusively focus on these products…at least at first.

Which Digital Product to Sell?

In the interest of choosing something so I can move forward, I’m going to select an eBook; not sure exactly what topic yet. I think that will develop as we do more validation in tomorrow’s exercise.

​Here’s my reasoning…

  1. I don’t have any content that centers on chiropractors, press releases, search engines, local search marketing or any other potential topics in the niche.
  2. ​I think best in written form, so as I write I can build the eBook.
  3. This is just an intro product, not a top-of-the-line course. Ultimately, if I get market validation this, I’d work on video tutorial courses to sell, but this will be faster and easier for now.
  4. This will help me make my research time paid time instead of unpaid time.

As I’m writing this, I got to thinking…as part of my market validation, I’m going to ask what format chiropractors would prefer to receive it in.

I could provide it as an eBook or as an email course where they get one chapter per week.

I could also provide it as an eBook with email follow-up each week as they go through it and provide an audio version of the eBook as an add on.

Lots of options…will let you know what I decide…

My big question is whether they’ll pay for it or not. I guess that’s what validation is for, though. We’ll see what ConvertKit has planned for tomorrow.

Domain Decisions…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

choosing a domain name

picture by ivanpw - unmodified

Here’s another decision I’m going to have to make rather soon. Although, I think it’s pretty much made unless you change my mind.

Should I create a new category on this blog and host all this new content, eBook, etc here, or should I get a new domain and create a separate site?

What do you think I should do and why? Chime in with your comment below…

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