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Marketing Boost

Marketing Boost reviews are almost all written by Marketing Boost affiliates. Take them with a grain of salt. Marketing Boost is a great company (for the right people). This FAQ shows you whether it will work for you or not.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Marketing Boost affiliate too. Rather than telling you how awesome the program is or that it will make you tons of sales, though, I'm trying to provide you with useful, helpful info you can use to come to your own conclusion.

Decide for Yourself

Marketing Boost reviews abound on the internet.

How do you know whether you can trust them or not?

That’s a perfectly understandable and logical question anyone considering Marketing Boost must find the answer to for themselves.

Helpful Information (I hope...)

Here’s a Marketing Boost FAQ to help you learn about the program, how it works and how much it costs to give away Marketing Boost free vacations.

Here’s info on how to start a Marketing Boost free trial…you’ll have 7 days to give away free vacations, dining incentives and hotel and travel gift cards.

More Marketing-Boost-Reviews are available here.

Quick Marketing Boost Highlights

In case you’ve just started looking at Marketing Boost and don’t know about it, here are the quick facts:

  • Marketing Boost is a program that allows you to give away high-value vacation incentives and other travel and dining incentives for a low monthly fee. Marketing Boost pricing is available here.
  • You can give away an unlimited number of these incentives to boost your marketing efforts.
  • You can also earn commissions as the people you give the free vacation incentives to redeem their vacation travel.

If you choose to become a Marketing Boost affiliate, you can earn commissions simply by telling others about the program.

If the people you tell about it decide to become a Marketing Boost member, you’ll earn a 40% commission on their monthly fee for the entire time the are a member.

How Marketing Boost Grows

There’s no doubt that Marketing Boost reviews are biased.

Marketing Boost has grown primarily through its affiliates, and you do not have to be a paying Marketing Boost member to become an affiliate, so many of the reviews are written by people that have never actually used the program to give away free vacations or boost their marketing efforts.

Be careful as you read each Marketing Boost review.

Always remember they’re trying to sell you something.

You have to make the best decision you can for yourself, your business and marketing efforts.

How to Evaluate it for Yourself

If you think Marketing Boost might be a good thing, I’d recommend putting together a plan of exactly how you could maximize the 7 day Marketing Boost free trial and see whether it works for you or not.