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My Digital Product Development Timeline

Welcome to Day 5 of the Product Creation Masterclass Experiment!

Every morning this week, I excitedly clicked on the link in my daily my Product Creation Masterclass e-mail. But when I get to the ConvertKit masterclass site, I read through the lesson material and find myself thinking…what now?!

I must be dense or something. I always need to read the lesson two or three times, digest it for a bit and then figure out what task they are actually asking me to complete.

Today was no different. The task was to put time blocks into my calendar over the next 3 weeks to create an event timeline that will get me to a product launch. Great in concept.

Here’s one problem in execution, though…I don’t have a complete picture of the product I’ll be creating, so how can I know how much time to plan?

What's the Major Malfunction?

Here’s a screenshot of part of today’s lesson.

My Digital Product Development Timeline

Another problem with today’s task is oversimplification. In the proposed schedule, I see tasks like promoting your wait list and find beta testers. Both important tasks, but also both tasks that take more than a day – or even a week – to complete.

In the ‘3 weeks to launch’ section, you’re supposed to find affiliates and influencers and connect with them. Then in ‘2 weeks to launch’ you’re supposed to send your affiliate material to your affiliates.

There is no way on God’s green Earth all that can take place in one week.

It’s possible I just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, so I’m a little cranky…I’m quickly coming to the realization that 30 days to a profitable digital product is unlikely to happen.

I don’t really blame ConvertKit for the fact that things take longer than 30 days. And while it can be frustrating, I understand they’re trying to give me a proven framework to build my business from. And by instituting a 30-day timeline, they’ve built in a certain amount of urgency and motivation.

But, when I’m feeling this overwhelmed at the end of the first week, it makes me wonder how I’ll feel at the end of next week…

Stay tuned…I did the parts of today's exercise that I could. I just didn't feel like it was a very useful exercise.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts on the masterclass so far.

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  1. Hi Todd,

    I’m right with you. In my case, I am developing a training course, and knew that the course would take a way longer than 30 days to create, but figured I’d get lots of valuable information out of this masterclass.

    But within a day or two, I experienced information overload from the pace they were going.

    Probably the most valuable information I got so far was not to overload students in my course, an ironic insight. Based on their recommendation, I’m actually going to split my course into three, but bundle them as well.

    I was also convinced to create a survey to see how much interest there will be. That took days to refine and launch. But it’s been an invaluable exercise and I’m getting great feedback.

    So I’m going to hold on to their information and reference it as I need it, rather than trying to rush.

    I’ve written numerous ebooks and my experience has been that it takes well over 30 days to provide a high quality book. And that’s just for the writing. Then you have the editing and formatting.

    Thank you for doing this service. Your posts are so well written and incredibly helpful.

    Wishing you the best as you proceed on this journey. Susan B.

    1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Susan.

      I’d love to check out your survey if you want to drop a link here. Surveys are great, but getting good info from them takes well-crafted questions I’ve found. Have you been satisfied with your responses? Did you do anything to incentivize participation in the survey?

      Now that I’m a bit further in the PMC, the pace has slowed a bit. Trying to get everything done in 30 days isn’t going to happen for me, either. But I’m finding the exercises VERY helpful and enlightening…if I actually do them instead of letting the overwhelm get the better of me.

      Thank you for your compliments and for commenting.

      1. Thanks so much, Todd. My survey was just one question with a lot of explanation before it. I sent one version to my existing mailing list/websites and created another version for those who aren’t familiar with my work. Here is that version:


        I’ve had great feedback, and about half of all responses have been a 10!

        How are you finding Convertkit? Are you finding it intuitive to use? 🙂

        Susan B.

        1. Glad to hear your audience is interested in your product. That’s awesome.

          I really like ConvertKit. It seems to be pretty flexible and easy for me to understand. The only thing I don’t care for, really, is the reporting…it leaves something to be desired compared to Aweber for example. I think the reporting is better than the free MailChimp, though. I plan to continue using CK as I’m beginning to call it. 😉

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