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SEO Affiliate Domination Review

When I'm thinking about buying a course like SEO Affiliate Domination, there are three things I really want to know:

1. Will it work for me? 

2. Does the course strategy and guru's personality fit me and my business?

3. How much does it cost?

That's what I answer in this review. I hope you find it helpful. Don't forget to grab my exclusive will help you supercharge Greg Jeffries' teaching.

In one respect, SEO Affiliate Domination isn't any different than many niche SEO courses out there like WP Affiliate Suite by Chris Derenberger or Organic Traffic Formula by Spencer Haws. In another sense, though, it's very different...

All of these course are about using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to sell affiliate marketing products and they use many of the same proven tactics like picking good keywords, niching down and putting consistent content on your site(s).

But where Greg Jeffries diverges is in his methods. While most "gurus" (including Greg) talk about building authority sites, Greg puts most of his focus on finding profitable niches, building sites quickly and flooding the search engines with content that has your affiliate links in it.

If you want fast results and aren't interested in being an expert on any particular niche, you should read the rest of my SEO Affiliate Domination review! It might be just what you've been looking for.

If you use any links on this page and then choose to invest in SEO Affiliate Domination, Todd Temaat will earn an affiliate commission.

You will always get the best price and extra bonuses by going through the links on this page. The referral fee comes out of Greg Jeffries' profits, and does not increase your cost at all.

Please see my affiliate disclaimer.

Who is Greg Jeffries?

There's a good chance you've never heard of Greg Jeffries.

I hadn't either until one day I watched an interview he did with the owner of a software development company I was following.


I learned he has been secretly plugging away at building an affiliate business that generates several hundred thousand dollars a year. He lives in Austin, Texas and professes to be a Christian, which is important to me.

He's been doing affiliate SEO marketing for 10 years and has a multitude of sites bringing him commissions every month. 

As a matter of fact, Greg is one of only marketers I know of that has won a Clickfunnels dream car simply through free and low cost search engine marketing methods! If that doesn't prove his expertise, I'm not sure what will convince you.

He began selling SEO Affiliate Domination in 2017 to share his unique strategies.

Greg Jeffries Clickfunnels Car Winner
Greg Jeffries Clickfunnels Car Winner

I bought his course in mid-2019 just after watching that video above. I had been doing YouTube videos up to that time and while I was getting leads and sales, I really liked the idea of not having to be in front of the camera.

I had been a part of Spencer Haws' Niche Pursuits several years ago, but that program is all about building an authority site...and spending months trying to get pages to rank.

Greg talked about getting results MUCH FASTER...and I'll tell you in a minute what I'm doing to supercharge my rankings even further. And rankings equal profits.

The Strategy Behind SEO Affiliate Domination

As I talked about in the opening, there are two major type of sites you can make in the affiliate marketing world.

Strategy 1: Mass Page Sites

Strategy 2: Authority Sites

There are many differences between the two types of sites, but the basic idea is that an authority site tries produces high-quality content tries to get to the top of Google through backlinks, social shares, and their email list.

A mass page site produces TONS of content and tries to pick up rankings on long tail keywords no one else is targeting.

That's the VERY short version of it...

Here's an expanded explanation. Read on to get the most through 2020 SEO Affiliate Domination review available.

Mass Page Affiliate Sites

Why is it called a "mass page site"?

A mass page site can target hundreds, or even thousands, of long tail keywords. Especially as the site grows and ages, it is amazing all the different keywords you will start ranking for!

The sites can easily have 5-10,000 (or more) WordPress pages or posts.

You're probably thinking: who in their right mind would publish so many posts all around one, or a few, affiliate offers? What kind of affiliate marketing strategy is this?

And you’d be right! Almost no one would...

make money with affiliate marketing

But Greg shows you how to do it automatically using technology.

Once you get things set up, your website will crank out new pages or posts on autopilot and you can even automate getting fresh backlinks to every page to help you rank higher, faster.

Here's an example of how a site like this works:

Let's say you want to promote a Clickbank product you like...we'll call it Affiliate Marketing Mastery...

Your next step would be doing keyword research to find low competition long tail keywords with good search volumes. Search volume isn't very important in this method, actually, but if you can find some with searches every month, even better.

Insert your "seed" keyword [affiliate marketing mastery] into a tool like or Greg's favorite keyword tool, and you’ll have hundreds of short and long tail keywords to choose from in now time.

For this example, let's say we get 1,050 keyword variations.

Now, imagine having an automated process that uses each one of those 1,050 keywords to create 1,050 articles. That's 1,050 potential #1 rankings plus thousands more latent semantic (LSI) keywords you'll grab rankings for!

Of course, you won't get #1 rankings for all of those keywords you're ranking for, but you will grab A LOT more #1s (in WAY less time) than if you tried to type out each of those 1,050 articles by hand!

There are a couple automation tools you'll need to do it the way Greg teaches SEO for affiliate marketing:

  • Spin Rewriter - takes your keyword-based article and intelligently spins new articles
  • SerpShaker - posts the Spin Rewriter articles to your site using smart page/post templates
Starting to get the idea?

These not common, run-of-the-mill affiliate websites. You'd be hard pressed to find this strategy anywhere in mainstream affiliate marketing courses.

Anyway, being in this group for almost a year now, I can say that I’ve experienced passive income success with these sites and so have many people that have taken the course.

Mass Page Site Pros

  • You rank well (and fast) because of mass content
  • Fast way to make your money back
  • Once you know the process, it’s rinse and repeat

Mass Page Site Cons

  • There's no way to know which products/niches/keywords are going to work. It’s hit or miss (you might have to try a few sites before you hit)
  • The results will likely diminish over time, so you have to continually "churn" sites.
mass site seo pros and cons

Affiliate Authority Sites

Greg doesn't cover this type of affiliate site in detail in the course. The reason is because there are plenty of examples out there and it's what all the other gurus teach pretty much.

Plus, once you have the idea of how to build a mass page site, building an authority site is pretty straight forward. Niche and keyword research are very similar (if not identical); the biggest difference is you have to write high-quality, readable content that keep people on your site if you want to rank.

Most SEO Affiliate Domination students begin with mass page sites and then become hybrid marketers by adding an authority site or two. Although, I've gone straight to building authority sites and ranking quickly using a combination of Greg's teaching and my own special mix I describe below...

You'll learn all the fundamentals of on-page and off-page SEO in the course because they're both essential regardless of what type of site you're building. That's how Google, Bing, Yahoo and others rank your site, so you have to know that stuff.​

If you look at some big authority sites like or, you'll notice they put out a lot of content and it's well done. That's the basic premise...publish content people find valuable.

Providing solutions to people with problems...scratch their itch.

These sites are in it for the long haul, not the quick buck. They want to build an audience that comes back regularly, trusts their recommendations and clicks on links or ads on their sites.

As you learned above, though, what SEO Affiliate Domination teaches can be done in a hybrid fashion. Your choice is not between the two just have to decide which is best for you now.

Many people in Greg's course use mass site pages to get some quick wins and some affiliate sales coming in and then use that money to help pay to build the authority site(s) they want to. It's completely up to you, though. Once you learn the skills, they're your to use however you wish!

Will It Work for You?

Does Seo Affiliate Domination Work
Does SEO Affiliate Domination Work

If you're like me, you've bought a lot of courses. So what I'm going to say may sound like honesty and it may sound like pandering, but here goes...

SEO Affiliate Domination will work if you work it.

Greg has testimonial after testimonial attesting to just how well it works for those that follow direction.

What really puts your affiliate commissions on steroids, though is when you apply what you learn and then shape it and mold it into a system that makes sense to and works for you the way you want to work!

That's what I've done and what my bonus below is all about...

Does the Course Fit You?

Honestly, this is the most important piece for me any more...I have to ask myself whether the program I'm thinking about buying or the new business venture I'm thinking about getting involved in actually meshes with who I aspire to be.

Will it help me be who I want to be as a Christian, a husband, a business person.

SEO Affiliate Domination and Greg Jeffries mostly fit. Here's what I mean...I don't particularly care for the churn and burn model of running a business. I'd rather build something of value. As a Christian, I think it's my duty to put value into the world rather than to fill it with more drivel.

It reminds me of the model you see so many affiliate marketers...especially the big It's called "pump and dump". It's all about the quick win and the cash infusion. I don't want to be part of the constant launch after launch after launch.

At the same time, though, that's where some people really like to be and Greg teaches lessons on how to use his system with launch jacking and other quick-hitter strategies like that. But that's not where I want to be.

Having said that, though, the course did teach me some very helpful things about building sites, putting content out at a large scale and how to think about keyword research differently. Plus, Greg is a genuinely nice guy that truly wants to help his students succeed. He often posts his latest tips, trick and strategies in the Facebook group so everyone can use them and cash in. Very few big name affiliate marketers (if any) support their students like Greg does.

SEO Affiliate Domination Review Summary

mass site seo pros and cons


  • You'll master an under-the-radar way to earn affiliate commissions
  • Greg continually shares what's working for him and how you can implement it too
  • The system works faster than traditional SEO
  • The Facebook group is amazing!
  • You'll learn how to promote ethically and profitably without ads or (unless you want to) email
  • You can get the course for FREE (see how below)
  • You can do it by yourself or teach/hire others to do it for you.


  • There is quite learning curve if you've never built WordPress sites before. Greg's instruction is straightforward and simple, but it's still a complex process
  • Building mass affiliate sites can get tiresome because of the churn and burn aspect
  • To build sites fast and rank them quickly, you will have to invest more than just your will cost money...of course, not nearly as much as running ads, though!
  • There are a lot of additional strategies Greg talks about after the core lessons. The additional material can easily lead to information overwhelm and shiny object syndrome

What Does It Cost?

SEOAD started out at $297. That was back in 2017 when it first opened up.

Over time the price went up. But not anywhere near as high as most courses you see nowadays. When I watched the interview above, I expected him to say it cost $1,997 honestly! When I heard him say it was just $497, I immediately bought it!

The price has gone up again since I bought, but it's still a steal for one payment of $997 or 3 payments of $397!

How to Get SEO Affiliate Domination for FREE

This is unique to any course I've ever seen offered in the online marketing space!

Just like most online and affiliate marketing courses, Greg does not offer refunds. There are too many people (unfortunately) that would buy the course, scrape it and then ask for their money back...and you just can't run a successful business that way.

However, you can get your money back once two things have happened:

1. Contact Greg and show him proof you've earned in affiliate commissions at least as much as you paid for the course.

2. You leave a video review and allow him to use it as a testimonial.

Then, he will send you back however much you paid for it originally!

That proves what I said above about Greg being MORE interested in his students' success than he is in lining his own pockets with more of your money. Which is unlike anyone else I've ever seen in online marketing and I've been around the space since 2006.

What I'm Doing to Supercharge SEOAD

I'm an impatient person...just ask my wife or my kids...

Greg's program is great and it absolutely works. Don't just trust my word for it, though, check out these testimonials...

But my impatience and my past training/experience got the better of me so I started experimenting on top of what Greg teaches. And here are the results I got in about 8 weeks between late December 2019 and late February 2020.

Seo Affiliate Domination Results

My website story

I followed all Greg's advice in putting together an authority-type article and making sure all the on-page and off-page SEO was set up, which laid a great foundation.

Then, I added some syndication. I have an automated system that reposts my articles across 20 or 30 Web 2.0 properties. This results in a number of backlinks back to the post and shows Google that it is being shared.

In addition, I purchased some social signals (about 12,000 of them) directed at the site. These signals tell the search engines people are sharing, retweeting and pinning my content.

That got me to position 4-6 depending on when I checked the search and whether I was on mobile or desktop. So I bought some high-powered backlinks to the article. That pushed me up to #1 about a week ago and I've stayed there pretty solidly since.

I've noticed a big increase of traffic since I earned the #1 position, of course, and I've even made one sale already!

Now I'm proving my concept by trying it on other, similar keywords for different products. If you'd like to see if it has/does, check out my bonus below.

My YouTube story

The YouTube video rankings came from what I learned last year about building authority on YouTube and ranking videos there.

The video with the orange background was made early last year and has enjoyed a LONG time on the first page of Google for many search terms relating to this one. At first, it also ranked well on YouTube for related keywords, but has since dropped because I haven't made any related videos in about a year.

The blue video is a great story, though!

I just uploaded that in December 2019 and it immediately went to the 3 pack on Google and has stayed there since! It's nowhere to be found on YouTube, but that's fine with me.

So why did it shoot straight to the video 3 pack and why does it stay there? It's all about the authority my YouTube channel enjoys around these keywords. If I post anything related to them, I push whoever is in the 3 pack already out in very short time.

SEO Affiliate Domination Bonus

Would you like to watch and learn as I experiment with ranking more websites like the one above?

Would you like to learn how to rank YouTube videos on both YouTube and Google quickly and (almost) permanently?

All you have to do is purchase SEO Affiliate Domination through my link and let me know through the contact form on this website and here's what you'll get...

My website ranking bonus

Get the EXACT method I'm using to rank websites like the one above and access to ask me questions as you do the same.

You will get the step-by-step process, the exact vendors and services I use, when to use them and what's working for me. And if something stops working, I'll let you know that too!

And if you have a question, you'll have a direct line to me to get it best I can, anyway...I'm no guru! 😉

My YouTube video ranking bonus

Late in 2018, I paid $10,000 to a YouTube video marketer to teach me his system. That training resulted in the rankings I showed above (and A LOT more).

My mentor offers a scaled-down version of the training he gave me for $997, which is TOTALLY worth it. But if you buy Greg's course through my link, you can get that same training for just $1!