What is ToddTemaat.com?

This site is a resource run by me, Todd Temaat, to teach you proven online business strategies by performing experiments. I report on not just the results of those experiments, but also on the ups and downs I go through and the decisions I have to consider and make.

​The goal is to help you build your business by showing what works and what doesn’t without putting you through the expensive, painful process of discovering things on your own.

​You can learn more about my experiments by clicking here.

Who is Todd Temaat and how does he know about this stuff?​

​I’m a Christian family guy in my mid-forties and because of serving 21 years in the Air Force, I have the financial freedom to pursue my dreams full time. Just to be completely transparent, I do have a part time job as a weekend janitor at my church.

I also run an affiliate website at https://www.huntingfishingtech.com

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